January 18, 2021

Why should you have your gas boiler serviced every year?

Boiler servicing often gets overlooked, forgotten about or people do not understand exactly what it is and its importance.
If you have an old boiler and have never had it serviced then the saying “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” may apply to some households. A service though will check the boiler is not only working but is safe for your home and family.


If you don’t have an annual boiler service how can you know that your boiler is safe, that the gas supply isn’t leaking, or if the flue is spilling products of combustion into your property?

The boiler is providing you with hot water and heating when needed 365 days a year, its something that isn’t even thought about until your boiler breaks down leaving you cold and no hot shower after work. Not all breakdowns can be avoided by having a service but you’ll know the boiler is safe and all is working when put on test by the engineer and any defects identified can be fixed before they turn into a breakdown. 


Servicing your boiler can reduce your energy bills, if you have a system filter this will be cleaned out on the service, and depending on boiler model and age the burner/heat exchanger will be cleaned which is where the heat gets exchanged from the flame to the heating/hot water. 

To clean the burner you often need to change the seal which is an added cost at the time but will help to extend the life of the boiler, your engineer will advise you when this needs to be carried out.
The system filters are magnetic and these collect oxides that are built up within the heating system which can help protect the boiler’s heat exchanger from blocking up with the oxides which can make your boiler less efficient. 
Heat exchangers on most boilers are small waterways that transfer the heat quickly from the primary to secondary exchangers, if these become blocked then the boiler will take longer to heat your home or your hot water may not be as hot as it needs to be in turn using more gas to deliver less performance. 


Boilers that are never serviced annually are more likely to breakdown. 
Servicing your boiler can increase the life span of the boiler and components, also help to avoid costly call-out fees and repairs. An example of this is on a service if we notice a leak we can get this fixed before it becomes serious and damages the boiler beyond repair. 
The longer the boiler is in good safe working order the better value for money for the initial installation cost will be. A typical combi boiler change is around £2500 so if your boiler lasts 10 years that’s only £250 per year for heating and hot water, less than the average annual mobile phone bill.


If your boiler is new or within its manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty period then it will need the annual service to keep this validated. 
The benchmark book needs to be filled out which stays with the property and each year a new gas safety certificate needs to be issued. All manufacturers want their boilers to be serviced and maintained correctly and it is part of their terms and conditions of the warranty.  So ask your installer will he come back each year and carry out the service and maintenance. 


Landlords need to have a gas safety check on their properties by law and can be prosecuted if this is not carried out. A service and a landlord gas safety check are different though and we like to make our clients aware of this. 
A service can if needed include cleaning out heat exchangers and individual parts as well as safety of the boiler, a landlord gas safety check is to check that the boiler is safe to use for the tenant. 
Depending on the age of the boiler we would advise if any bits needed changing during a landlord safety check and if any defects have been found will be notified to the landlord. 

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