November 9, 2020

When should you replace a boiler?

The clocks go back and before you know it cold mornings and early dark evenings are upon us. 

The boiler kicking in and out keeping you warm and in plenty of hot water isn’t a luxury it’s a modern day essential and when it goes wrong you want it back up and running asap. Some repairs and maintenance can become more frequent on an older boiler with unknown repair costs not welcomed at any time of the year, so the best option could be a boiler replacement to ensure your house is ready for any type of weather, without any unexpected bills.

If your boiler is 15 years or older then you should be thinking about an upgrade but why?


The new boiler will be condensing which will be more efficient compared to a non condensing equivalent model, an A rated boiler is 90% efficient or more meaning less wasted energy and a saving can be made on your gas bills.  So if you notice your bills are increasing it can be related to the age of your boiler.


A new boiler will come with a manufacturer warranty/guarantee so no unexpected call out or repair bills to face. A new boiler doesn’t need a breakdown or maintenance styled British Gas contract just an annual service. If a problem did occur with a new boiler installation by us give us a call and we come out with no call out charge to investigate and if need be we make the arrangements with the manufacturer to attend your property.


Boiler leaking from internal components which can damage electronics or other moving parts within the boiler which can result in the boiler taking longer to heat the water up and corrosion to the boiler casing which can affect the safe operation of the boiler.


Are your radiators taking longer to heat up or not as hot? This could be boiler related or could be oxides built up within the system or a pump which is not circulating properly. When a boiler is doing this of course we can help but we can also quote for a replacement to compare against the repair cost to see if the repair would be cost efficient or is it time for an upgrade.


Spare parts can be harder to source for older boilers and the cost of the parts can add up, so more down time of your system and more cost to get repaired.


Some new smart controls are not compatible with older boilers, although not essential with homes becoming smarter you may have to wait until you upgrade the boiler to get that smart controller.


Boilers are more likely to breakdown in the winter leaving you without heating and hot water, when buying a new boiler you are also buying reliability and confidence that the boiler will be working when you need it the most.


Running costs of an older boiler compared to the new equivalent can be higher, especially if your existing boiler is non condensing. A non condensing boiler emits more heat through the flue which is wasted heat which would be better if that energy was being used to heat your home or hot water.

How can we can help?

At TheKentPlumber not only will we discuss with you which boiler would be best for your home, but we can give you a quote for a new boiler installation. We cover all of Medway and surrounding areas that are listed on our homepage. 

We're installing boilers safely during Covid

Rest assured we are taking every safety precaution during this time.