Experienced Plumbers in Gillingham and our message is simple...

We want you to be so happy with our service you tell all your friends

… and to keep things nice and simple for you, we are giving you some really easy options if you want a new boiler.

… if you want a new bathroom, we’ll come with you to the showroom so you have an expert to help make those more complicated choices

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Boiler Installation Gillingham

We want to give you a quote, not an estimate!

Heating systems vary from house to house, so in order for a quote to be accurate rather than estimated someone needs to see your house and heating system to assess the work involved. 

Hire a reliable plumber for your boiler installation, we can recommend the perfect boiler at the best price, and have it installed in no time.

But sometimes you just don't have the time for a house visit

...and sometimes you just don't want one

Which is why we have options of virtual visits, simply walk around with your phone on a video call and show us what we need to see or fill out the form 

General Plumbing in Gillingham

Want something new?
or is something in need of repair?

If you’ve already bought something we can just come and fit it, if you haven’t, we can advise what would work best.

If something leaks we’ll make sure it’s all fixed properly and if there’s something you’re not happy about with your existing plumber we can offer a solid solution that will last.


Supply & fit

Get that look you want
and get it right first time

When you go for that dream bathroom, you don’t want it turning into a nightmare.

We can take you to the shop you want to buy your suite from and make sure you get all the items you want including the one’s you didn’t know you needed, we don’t charge for this and sometimes we can get you an even better deal, it’s a clear win!

We're installing boilers safely during Covid

Rest assured we are taking every safety precaution during this time.