January 26, 2021

Replacing old radiators as well as the boiler on a new installation

Radiators come in so many styles, colours and sizes compared to 30 years ago and sometimes the old radiators have been painted so many times you’ve lost count. 
Here are few reasons to upgrade radiators at the same time as the boiler replacement. 
The system is already drained down so it would just be the installation cost plus the radiator to pay for as opposed to doing radiators 1 by 1 and draining the system numerous times. 
The new radiators will be more efficient compared to older equivalents which means your boiler will be on for less to heat your home. 
New radiators direct less water through channels more efficiently so the heated water comes into more contact with radiator surface space, transferring the heat better into your room. 

Oxides & sludge

Pipework and radiators eventually rust from the inside out, copper, brass, iron mixed with oxygen eventually breaks down into oxides which are commonly known as sludge. 
A radiator that is cold at the bottom will be full of sludge and not circulating the hearing water properly so your desired room temperature may not be met which will keep your boiler in for longer. 
Powerflushing may not 100% clean old radiators and at an average cost of around £500 that money could be better spent on replacing them. 

System filters

System filters are magnetic filters that catch the oxides as they are magnetic. These oxides will block and reduce the performance of the boiler increasing your gas bills. 
We always fit system filters in every new boiler even if the pipework and radiators are new as they give the customer additional years in the warranty/ guarantee. 
On a new boiler installation if there are existing radiators we carry out a Magna cleanse which helps to clean out the system before adding system inhibitors.

Designer radiators

Some clients choose to add designer radiators to an extension or period houses go for column radiators. 
These are great additions to any home offering great heat and cosmetically pleasing. 
Also with any new radiator, you will not need to paint it as they all come with a factory finish.

Thermostatic radiator valve

Trv’s as commonly known in the trade are a must-have if you want to make your system as efficient as possible and allowing each room to be set to different temperatures. 
Having a new boiler and associated work is expensive enough with out thinking about new radiators as well. 
But seeing that the system is drained adding them to the installation now could cost you less on the installation. 


A new boiler and even new radiators will improve any system but if the pipework is undersized or not piped up correctly then the system will not be as efficient as it should be.
If you fit a pressurised boiler onto old pipework and radiators that have been on an old vented system then there is a chance that a fitting or radiator could leak. 
So updating the system could help avoid an in the expected leak and downtime of your heating. 

Un-even heat

Some heating systems even with a new boiler and pump if the system is not cleaned and balanced correctly then it will reduce the efficiency. 

New boiler and radiator costs

As with most jobs cost is one the major factors when clients choose to do a job and on heating there are options that can allow a new boiler to connect onto an older system. 
The cost of changing the pipework and radiators will vary depending on size if property, how many radiators and size if pipework required. 
Costs can be £1500 to £2000 allowing for the variants listed above. 
So when thinking of updating your boiler next maybe get a quote to upgrade the pipework and radiators at the same time. 
If this at the time is not affordable ask the installer for a price to come back at a separate time.
If you are now looking at getting a brand new central heating then you can fill out our form and we can get back to you with the quote for installation for people based in Kent.

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