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November 18, 2020

Choosing the best Combi boiler

Finding the perfect boiler

Having a combination boiler is a very popular option for a lot of homes within Medway.

Doing research into a new boiler has never been easier, the internet allows you to read reviews from other customers to blogs from professionals like us to help you make the best decision for your home. 
The boiler needs to be right for your home to perform properly and be reliable, not much to ask for surely?

Repair costs for a Combi boiler

Repairs on a combination boiler not covered by the warranty can be on average up to £200, so buying a tried and tested brand needs to be top priority.
We size the boiler to the property based on your cold water flow which lets us know which size kw to choose, so the better the flow rate the higher kw boiler can be installed. 
Most boilers these days can come with a 10 year warranty, but some cheaper models will come with less, but this could cost you more in the long run with repairs to a boiler with no warranty.  

We use our experience and product knowledge when quoting new boilers for our clients along with understanding your demands for heating and hot water to make sure you have the right combi boiler which has to tick off a few boxes.

  • Overall installation cost 
  • Reliability
  • Product features
  • Size and dimension of Boiler (for fitting into cupboards etc)
  • Manufacturer’s warranty/guarantee 
  • Hot water flow rates and heating output

This is the list of bits I like to check off on every boiler to make sure it is right for the client, the property and will meet the demand of heating and hot water. 

These are the boiler manufacturers that we have installed their products, there are some other companies out there that we do not use mainly because they offer cheaper boilers with a smaller warranty which I avoid as I like my clients to get the best possible warranty on offer from all the products we install. 

Each manufacturer will offer different warranties/ guarantees and each installation company can offer extended cover if they have been on product training courses with the manufacturers, 


Alpha combi boilers have come a long way and are starting to become a go-to boiler within the rental sector and customers who are not fussed with having one of the more well-known brands. They offer between 7-12 year warranties on their boilers depending on range, model, and accessories fitted to the boiler. 


Atag combi boilers are designed and manufactured in Holland and have made their name more in the commercial market and have been around for the best part of 70 years. These boilers can only be bought through an engineer and are not stocked at most merchants unlike a lot of other brands on our list. 
Atag boilers are more expensive than a Worcester bosch equivalent but do come with a 10-year guarantee. Atag does not have a dedicated call out engineers which is a bit concerning to me, but there will be engineers out there who really rate this boiler.


Baxi combi boilers are not today considered a premium boiler but do offer good value for money compared to other manufacturers. 
Offering rear exit flues on certain models can be really handy if in an awkward cupboard where space is tight. The warranty on  Baxi combi varies from 2 to 12 years depending on what model you choose.
Baxi boilers are owned by a Dutch based group but still manufacture their boilers in the Uk.  A household name in the UK with some great combi boiler options. 


Glowworm combi boilers were acquired by Vaillant in 2001. Glowworm offers a combi that is efficient, 5 up to 15-year warranty, and is budget-friendly falling into the rental market sector quite nicely. Now being owned by Vaillant they are benefiting from their technology and engineering Glowworm will do what it says on the box. 


Ideal combi boilers start at budget entry up to much larger heat output models with plenty of features to rival other manufacturers. They have quite a varied range at lower output compared to Worcester Bosch but their highest output being 40 kw is 2kw less in comparison to Worcester Bosch largest combi boiler.
Ideal combi boilers have come along and are competing with other brands for a larger share in the domestic heating market. 
Warranties are 2 to 12 years depending on the model.


Potterton combi boilers have been around since 1850 in the UK. Baxi owns Potterton and some of their boilers over the years have been similar as a result of this. Potterton combis are quite large in size compared to compact models offered by manufacturers. 
The range covers from 24kw to 40 kw and the warranty is from  2 to 7 years depending on the model chosen. 


Vaillant are regarded as a pioneer of the combi boiler and has been in the heating business for 140 years. Using a stainless steel heat exchanger which has a higher resistance to corrosion and a wide variety of pH levels can help the lifespan of the boiler. 
Vaillant combination boilers offer outputs of 25 to 38kw so offer a solution for most households that are suitable for s combi. 


Viessmann combi boilers are another German brand who have entered the domestic heating market and are using their experience in the commercial sector to compete with the better-known brands.
They offer an entry-level Vitodens 0-50 combi we with an out range of 29 to 35 kW and in Vitodens 0-100 which starts at 26kw up to 35kw. They come with a 5 year warranty but can be extended if fitted by a Viessmann trained installer.

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch combi boilers are one of best selling and most popular among many households across the country.
They offer kw output from 25 to 50kw so they are great for installers needing a certain size boiler and offer compact models for going into kitchen cupboards. 
They offer a standard guarantee of 5 years on their boilers which can be extended to 10 years if fitted by an approved installer.

Boiler Prices

The prices vary for the boiler between £530 up to £2400, then you need to consider accessories such as flue, filter, thermostats then the installation cost. 

How can we can help?

At TheKentPlumber not only will we discuss with you which boiler would be best for your home, but we can give you a quote for a new boiler installation. We cover all of Medway and surrounding areas that are listed on our homepage. 

We're installing boilers safely during Covid

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