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Welcome to The Kent Plumber, trusted boiler installers in Medway, Kent, with years of experience, we ensure all the installations are done to the very best standard. If you are thinking of replacing your boiler due to faults or age or getting a new boiler installed to a more energy-efficient boiler and peace of mind of a manufacturer warranty then we are here to help you all the way.

We require a site survey so we can have a close look at the system and make the best possible recommendations for your property, we try and make the process as easy as possible for you, so if a site survey is not available we can do a facetime call to get you an estimate quote.

Getting a quote for a

new boiler installations



01634 907 027

On the 2nd and 3rd options we would still pop round before starting the boiler installation just to make sure we have quoted you correctly and confirm with you all is good before we start.


The most common and old fashion way of an engineer at your house going through the options with you at a time and date to suit you. This option will give you the most accurate quote and advice.


Through our website using the choose your boiler tool, select the boiler you have, the boiler you would like followed by some pictures and we will produce a quote based on the information provided. Ideal if you are pushed for time or don’t want 3 or 4 plumbers out to quote wasting your time. 


We can do facetime calls where we ask you to show us your existing boiler, where you would like your new boiler to be fitted, and other areas like gas meter, etc. Answer a few questions and we can get your quote over to you. This option again is great for saving time for you and allows us to provide you with a quote. 

Most new boiler changes are completed within one day so minimising the downtime of no heating and hot water.

Some jobs can take 2/3 days if fitting hot water tanks, radiators, or swapping over from a conventional boiler to a combi for example.

What we look for with

boiler installations


What type of boiler do you want to be installed? 
Combi, heat only/ system boiler? 


Water pressure & flow rate, very important when fitting a combi or an un-vented hot water tank. 


Location for the boiler, what room is it in? Is this location ok for the new boiler to be installed in?


What type of flue is required? 


Do any radiators or valves need to be changed?


 Is the existing gas pipe big enough to supply the new boiler? 


What guarantee/ warranty can we offer? 

Why get a new boiler?

The boiler is one of the most important investments that you'll make in your home, so it is important that you find a plumbing and heating company that's not only reliable and professional but is also fully qualified to carry out the job. 

Why choose us?

We are here to explain why you should hire us for your next boiler installation project in Medway (Kent), and why 100’s off other customers in Medway have chosen us for our boiler installation services. 

We are Gas Safe registered

We are Gas Safe Registered and are proud to display this and show all clients our Gas Safe Card upon arrival to clients. We will take the time to explain the importance of using a Gas Safe Registered business and what to expect from us, including how and why we test the boiler, commissioning procedures, and what paperwork to expect upon the job being completed.  

It is important to check the Gas Safe register website to see the engineer in front of you is on there which is peace of mind for clients. 

New boilers we install are registered on the Gas Safe Register which notifies the local building authority of your new installation. A boiler service or landlord gas safety checks are issued via email and these jobs do not require notification to Gas Safe. 

Product knowledge & training

We keep up to date with new products and training offered by boiler manufacturers so we can offer you the best product for your property. 

We are WAI (Worcester Accredited Installers) meaning we can give our clients the maximum product guarantee/warranty.  Depending on the boiler model and bolt-on items we can offer 7 to 12 years guarantees from Worcester Bosch which is a great backup for our clients. 

We often attend training days provided by manufacturers as we always want to keep up to date with any changes within the industry and keep our servicing and maintenance skills current.

Unlike many firms who will recommend the boiler that works for their own bank balance, Thekentplumber are far more interested in what works for you and yours!

We're installing boilers safely during Covid

Rest assured we are taking every safety precaution during this time.